landscape architecture

RizGACHEdesign is a San Francisco based landscape architectural studio that takes pride in creating timeless and engaging outdoor spaces. Our firm brings various experiences and expertise we have gathered from true masters in Landscape Architecture across the Bay Area. We have learned what it takes to complete projects that are not simply box ticking. The projects we have worked on have helped develop thriving communities through unique and award winning places. We value maintaining balance in design through higher levels of sustainability, social responsibility, historical and cultural importance of the project site.

As a small but emerging design practice, we are well positioned to aid our clients in developing cost competitive and locally significant landscape designs. We are most eager, uniquely positioned and qualified given our history and experience in San Francisco, broader region of the Bay Area, and international work on award winning and thought leading projects that push towards the highest level of design, sustainability and longevity.

At RGD, we dream big and explore modernization through most righteous design, materials and construction methods.

*We are San Francisco LBE / MBE / SBE Certified